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ISSD – a fundraising video to support a San Diego school – produced by PASHA VIDEOS

We were recently commissioned by a non-profit faith based school in San Diego to make a video thatĀ could show their audience (funders) how amazing this school is in academics as well as extracurriculars and how much the children love to be here.

The video was presented at a fundraising event and helped open people’s heart and wallets to finance the school’s upkeep and expansion. It was a huge success!

Video is very effective for fundraising because not only is it informational but also emotional. Giving to a cause is not just a logical choice but is very much an emotional response and great videos always appeal to the left side of the brain!

Pasha Videos edits Universal Consensus video

We edited from half an hour of interview and repeated takes, to come up with this 4 min concise communication about Universal Consensus, a global management consulting firm. Denise Pirrotti Hummel, CEO, praised us for our analysis and editing skills as well as the timeliness of the product.

In corporate communication, video serves a multi faceted function. It communicates the message as well as the personality and is the next best thing to inform customers personally about your products and services.